Quiz: Understanding Aircraft Performance

Airplane performance can be defined as the capability of an airplane to operate effectively while serving a specific purpose.  Among the elements of performance are takeoff and landing distances, rate of climb, ceiling, speed, payload, and fuel economy.  Answer these questions and see if you can correctly determine all the factors required for adequate aircraft performance.

Quiz: Planning with a VFR Sectional Chart

An aviation VFR Sectional chart is chock-full of visual reference…

Quiz: Can You Identify These Airport Signs and Markings?

Taxiing around large airports is often one of the more challenging aspects when learning to fly. Studying the various signs and markings in preparation for operating at an airport with a complex taxiway and runway layout will help you better understand the system and improve your situational awareness as you move from the parking area to the active runway.

Quiz: Runway Safety

Ground operations at busy tower-controlled airports can be challenging…

Quiz: How Does The Body React To Flight?

Do you know how the human body will react when exposed to the…

Quiz: Brush Up On Communications

How much do you know about communications, ATC clearances and non-towered airports? Take our quiz to find out.
Aircraft Engine - Feature

Quiz: Aircraft Engine Operations

Aircraft engines can provide thousands of hours of reliable service, provided that they are maintained and operated properly. From the pilot's perspective, this involves learning the best practices for power control, leaning procedures, cooling, and other operational considerations.
weather reports feature

Quiz: Reading Pilot Weather Reports

Aviation weather reports are simply conditions in the atmosphere…
glider flying feature

Quiz: Glider Flying Techniques

Glider flying is a great way to get into aviation at a young…

Quiz: Aircraft Engine Mixture Control

For some student pilots the mixture control is a thing of mystery.…