Quiz: Understanding the airplane Pitot-Static System

The pitot-static system is the source of valuable flight information…

Quiz: ADS-B Rules and Regulations

Since the ADS-B mandate took full effect in 2020 there still…

Quiz: How Does The Body React To Flight?

Do you know how the human body will react when exposed to the…

Quiz: Brush Up On Communications

How much do you know about communications, ATC clearances and non-towered airports? Take our quiz to find out.
Aircraft Engine - Feature

Quiz: Aircraft Engine Operations

Aircraft engines can provide thousands of hours of reliable service, provided that they are maintained and operated properly. From the pilot's perspective, this involves learning the best practices for power control, leaning procedures, cooling, and other operational considerations.
weather reports feature

Quiz: Reading Pilot Weather Reports

Aviation weather reports are simply conditions in the atmosphere…
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Quiz: Glider Flying Techniques

Glider flying is a great way to get into aviation at a young…

Quiz: Aircraft Engine Mixture Control

For some student pilots the mixture control is a thing of mystery.…

Quiz: Test Your Taxi Techniques

Moving an aircraft on the ground is a vital phase of every flight,…

Quiz: Seaplane Skills Challenge

So you’ve mastered the art of flying a land-based airplane and want to advance your skills. Or maybe you’re a long time floatplane jockey and want to confirm your time-tested knowledge. Even if you’ve never set foot in an airplane, get your feet wet and take our quiz to see how you measure up on what it takes to be the pilot-in-command of a seaplane.