wake turbulence

Quiz: Wake Turbulence Avoidance

Wake turbulence is an invisible hazard that presents an additional challenge for pilots operating light airplanes out of busy airports. Take our latest quiz and test your knowledge of proper avoidance techniques.
Sporty's E6B Flight Computer

Quiz: Flight Planning with Sporty’s E6B

During flight training, you’ll learn to plan your cross-country flights first by hand and use the E6B each step of the way. You’ll also find it to be a handy companion when studying for the FAA knowledge exam. We’ll use the Sporty’s electronic E6B flight computer in this quiz when calculating flight planning and navigation questions.
collision avoidance quiz

Quiz: Traffic Spotting Techniques

All pilots must maintain vigilance in order to see and avoid other aircraft. In a see-and-be-seen environment you should continuously scan all areas visible from the cockpit. But do you know the best method to accomplish this? What about at night? Take this quiz and test your ability to spot a potential traffic conflict and avoid a dangerous collision.

Quiz: Airspace classifications and rules

You'll likely pass through several classes of airspace on every flight, whether it's your first solo or a cross-country flight to the beach. Each class of airspace is depicted with unique markings on the sectional chart and different VFR weather minimums and equipment requirements. Take our latest quiz and test your knowledge of the U.S. airspace system.
Traffic Pattern

Quiz: Flying The Traffic Pattern

Check out our latest pilot quiz to test your flying knowledge of airport traffic patterns, landing directions and appropriate techniques for operating around the airport.

Airport Signs and Markings (Interactive Scenario)

All airports with ATC control towers in the U.S. (and some non-towered…

Quiz: ADS-B Rules and Regulations

The rules for transponder requirements changed in 2020, requiring aircraft to be equipped with ADS-B out transponders in most of the same airspace that previously required a Mode C transponder. Take our latest quiz and test your knowledge of the details of ADS-B rules.

Quiz: Preflight Planning an IFR Flight

There are many details to consider when planning a flight under Instrument Flight Rules. Mix in some inclement weather, and the workload increases exponentially. Answer all these questions correctly and prove you have the keys to unlock a successful IFR flight.

Quiz: Cold Weather Operations

As winter sets in, it's more important than ever to understand…
flight plan feature

Quiz: VFR Cross-Country Flight Planning

Winds aloft, true course, heading and groundspeed. Can you put…