Quiz: Understanding the airplane Pitot-Static System

The pitot-static system is the source of valuable flight information…

Quiz: Preflight Planning an IFR Flight

There are many details to consider when planning a flight under Instrument Flight Rules. Mix in some inclement weather, and the workload increases exponentially. Answer all these questions correctly and prove you have the keys to unlock a successful IFR flight.

Quiz: IFR Approach Chart Symbols

How well can you interpret all the details and symbols on an IFR terminal procedures plate?
View of landing runway with reduced visibility.

Quiz: Regulations for Instrument Flight Rules

Instrument flying requires you to know a lot of rules, from clearance limits to airspace requirements. Can you answer all these regulations questions and stay legal in the IFR system?

Quiz: Airspace classifications and rules

You'll likely pass through several classes of airspace on every flight, whether it's your first solo or a cross-country flight to the beach. Each class of airspace is depicted with unique markings on the sectional chart and different VFR weather minimums and equipment requirements. Take our latest quiz and test your knowledge of the U.S. airspace system.

Quiz: Cold Weather Operations

As winter sets in, it's more important than ever to understand…
flight plan feature

Quiz: VFR Cross-Country Flight Planning

Winds aloft, true course, heading and groundspeed. Can you put…

Quiz: Understanding Aircraft Performance

Airplane performance can be defined as the capability of an airplane to operate effectively while serving a specific purpose.  Among the elements of performance are takeoff and landing distances, rate of climb, ceiling, speed, payload, and fuel economy.  Answer these questions and see if you can correctly determine all the factors required for adequate aircraft performance.

Quiz: Planning with a VFR Sectional Chart

An aviation VFR Sectional chart is chock-full of visual reference…

Quiz: Aircraft Weight and Balance

Weight and balance is a critical element that every pilot must reconcile before each flight. Many of the performance, handling and structural characteristics of an airplane are a function of weight and balance. Challenge your weight and balance understanding with this quiz and answer each question correctly to tip the scales in your favor.