Webinar video: How to Pass the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Exam in Less Time

It's something all pilots have to do during training for a Private Pilot license -- pass the FAA Knowledge Test. While this test has gotten a bad rap over the years from some, the reality is it's a non-event when you approach it with the proper mindset and use the right study tools.
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Webinar video: Flight Simulators 101 – Leveraging a Home Simulator for Flight Training

In this fast-paced webinar video, Chris McGonegle, a commercial pilot and Sporty's flight simulator expert, will discuss how to use simulators effectively and how to avoid making mistakes that will degrade your flying skills.

Sporty’s webinar video: 20 questions to test your IFR knowledge

Sporty's John Zimmerman hosts a fun, fast-paced hour of IFR flying questions and tips, covering everything from approach charts to weather theory.

Sporty’s webinar video: Using a Home Simulator for IFR Proficiency

Home flight simulators offer a wealth of training situations to sharpen a pilot's aircraft operating skills. Instrument flying is one of the most valuable scenarios we can practice in a standard home simulator. Join Sporty's own Chris McGonegle as he covers how to configure Instrument flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 12.

Sporty’s webinar video: How to Pass the FAA Instrument Written

We'll show how to use tried and true study methods using Sporty's Instrument Rating Course to make the process an engaging and meaningful learning experience, and not just another exercise in rote memorization.

Webinar video: What’s new in Sporty’s 2024 Pilot Training Courses

Bret Koebbe discusses the new features in Sporty's 2024 pilot training courses in this webinar video sponsored by Sporty's. This presentation includes a live demonstration of the latest features, and offers tips on how to save time and money during your flight training with Sporty's courses.
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Webinar video: What you should know about home flight simulation

Flight simulators have exploded in popularity over the last year. With new software options, impressive flight controls, and EFB app integration, it has never been easier to use a home flight simulator for real training (in addition to fun). In this fast-paced webinar presentation, Chris McGonegle, a commercial pilot and Sporty's flight simulator expert, will discuss how to use simulators effectively.

Webinar video: Flying with Datalink Weather

Datalink weather, either from ADS-B or SiriusXM, is an essential tool for almost all pilots. Once you’ve flown a cross country with in-flight radar, up-to-date METARs, and visual AIRMETs, it’s awfully hard to go back to flying without it. It makes flying safer, easier, and more comfortable – a rare combination - but only if you know how to use it properly.

Webinar video: Flight Review – tips for getting current

Hear insightful tips on knocking off the aviation rust and regaining your pilot currency. Topics include medical requirements, regulations, weather, flight planning, technology and procedures that may have changed from your last flight review. Plus hear ideas for maintaining currency and getting involved in the aviation community.

Webinar video: aviation headsets

Join Doug Ranly as he demystifies the world of aviation headsets, shares what's new, and highlights the features important to you. When you're ready to purchase your headset, visit Sporty's interactive buyers guide and see a complete lineup of headsets available for sale.