How to become a professional pilot

Recent data indicates that pilot certification changes have had far-reaching effects on qualified commercial and airline transport pilots and flight departments are experiencing a shortage of qualified pilots. In addition to flying passenger aircraft for major and commuter airlines, pilots also crew corporate aircraft and serve the military and law enforcement.

Aviation Flight Training Scholarship Listings

Sporty’s Flight Training Central has compiled a list of those resources that contain hundreds of awards worth millions of dollars that can be applied to various phases of pilot training.

Adding an instrument rating provides safety and value

As only a Private pilot, there are some limitations placed on your travel. The main restriction is something that all pilots are all too familiar with - weather. You are required to remain clear of those white puffy groups of water vapor in the sky, which in many cases, can be an inconvenient limitation.

Earning a type rating

I recently earned a new type rating. This particular airplane…

Fun summer internship opportunities at the biggest aviation show on earth

Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your summer? Come spend it with EAA and AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, WI!

EAA post secondary scholarships available

Through many generous donors, EAA awards more than $75,000 in scholarships for students attending a post-secondary institution with a focus on aviation, including pilot training.

SheltAir and AvFuel announce 2022 scholarship program

SheltAir and Avfuel recently announced their 2022 scholarship program as an opportunity to re-invest in the aviation community by providing meaningful financial support to aviators pursuing a greater commitment to business aviation.

Sporty’s Introduces Commercial Pilot Training Course

Sporty’s latest training course will help pilots earn a Commercial…

Ready to transition to multiengine flying? Here’s how.

For any pilot on a professional career track, or for those looking…

Stop dreaming, start flying!

Thinking of becoming a pilot? A surging demand for pilots, technological advancements, and access to modern learning resources make for an ideal time to begin your journey. The demand for professional pilots has never been greater. Recent data indicates that pilot certification changes and increased demand for air travel have had far-reaching industry effects.