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New human factor courses available at

The course modules focus on safety culture, human performance, communication, teamwork, situational awareness, decision making, threat and error management, human information processing, and design and automation and are eligible for credit in the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program.
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June 2024 test question update from Sporty’s

Sporty's recently released its June written test question update in its 2024 Learn to Fly Course test preparation module. While the FAA does not publish actual test questions, representative test questions are available, and new questions released by Sporty's represent emphasis areas which you will likely enounter on the test.

Pilot Minute video stresses the importance of rest for pilots

In this recent Pilot Minute video from the FAA, Federal Air Surgeon, Dr. Susan Northrup, discusses the importance of quality rest and physical preparedness for flight.
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Sporty’s offering free ebook: A Comprehensive Guide to Private Pilot Training

Sporty's instructors share valuable tips and insight Filled…

AOPA Flight Training Advantage offers a unique, modern approach to flight training

AOPA Flight Training Advantage (AFTA) is an adaptive flight training system that offers a fresh alternative and replacement to a traditional syllabus. AFTA automatically generates individualized lessons based on student performance so each lesson is unique to your training needs. And the system can be accessed online or via a dedicated iPad/iPhone app.

FAA publishes updated Airman Certification Standards – Here’s What You Should Know

The ACS is a comprehensive presentation integrating the standards for what an applicant must know, consider, and do to demonstrate proficiency. In this latest update, effective May 31, 2024, revisions were made to the ACS as an outgrowth of public comment; however, there are no major substantive changes to the testing standards already in use or the conduct of the practical test.
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May is Learn to Fly Month at Sporty’s

May is Learn to Fly Month at Sporty’s, a celebration of learning to fly designed to help new pilots achieve their aviation goals. In addition to offering savings on popular pilot gear and training resources, Sporty’s will be posting inspiring content on its social media channels, presenting webinars, and delivering valuable flight training resources.

FAA publishes additional airport safety information for select airports

FAA’s From the Flight Deck video series has published “Pilot Handbooks” for 40 airports across the US with new locations added regularly.

Sporty’s introduces new book – Learn to Fly: A Comprehensive Guide to Private Pilot Training

Sporty's recently released a new book, Learn to Fly: A Comprehensive Guide to Private Pilot Training. Filled with honest advice from Sporty’s team of flight instructors, this book is the aspiring pilot’s introduction to the fascinating world of aviation

Regional Airline Association (RAA) accepting scholarship applications

The Regional Airline Association (RAA) will be awarding three, $4,000 scholarships to assist students who are studying for a career in the airline industry. The application deadline is April 30, 2024.