Are you fit for flight?

“Are You Fit for Flight?” discusses the importance of checking in with yourself before each flight to make sure you are nourished, hydrated, rested, and emotionally fit to fly.

Pilots can help shape the future of weather products by completing this survey

Pilots can play an active role in shaping the future of weather products provided by the FAA by participating in this weather survey.

LIFT Academy adds Sporty’s online training courses

LIFT Academy has partnered with Sporty's to provide online training courses to its students. This collaboration between Sporty’s and LIFT Academy grants students access to a range of valuable learning resources including Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course and Instrument Rating Course.
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EAA accepting applications for 2024 scholarship program

More than $1 million dollars in awards is available through the 2024 EAA Scholarship Program and awarded to those who show the greatest potential to be actively engaged in aviation.

FAA “from the flight deck” video: phraseology

Aviation has a unique language designed to ensure effective communication between pilots and controllers. Understanding and using these words and phrases properly is vital for avoiding errors and maintaining safety. For example, “roger” is not a clearance and is not an appropriate response to a yes or no question. It only means that the transmission was received.

Women in Aviation 2024 Scholarship Deadline Approaching

The 2024 Women in Aviation (WAI) scholarship program is open with more than 100 awards valued at over $1m. Scholarships are being offered for flight training, engineering, maintenance, dispatcher, and professional development.

Rusty Pilot Week Launches at Sporty’s

your pilot's license never expires, and you don't have to pass a checkride to regain currency. All it takes is some studying and a few hours with a flight instructor. Sporty's and Flight Training Central are here to help.
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FAA proposing rule that will expand aircraft eligible for sport pilot

Under the proposal, aircraft weighing as much as 3,000 pounds will be eligible for Sport Pilot. This more than doubles the weight of aircraft under the current definition of Light Sport of 1,320 pounds, allowing larger and stronger aircraft to qualify as Light Sport.

Sporty’s is celebrating Fly July with specials on pilot gear

During the month of July, Sporty's is hosting a celebration of general aviation across its website, social media, store and, of course, at EAA AirVenture. The goal is to get out and fly this summer!
Traffic Pattern Legs

FAA updates Advisory Circular for non-towered airport operations

The AC notes that when entering the traffic pattern at an airport without an operating control tower, inbound pilots are expected to observe other aircraft already in the pattern and to conform to the traffic pattern in use. If there are no other aircraft present, the pilot should check traffic indicators.