Pilot certificates are not participation trophies

A statistic was recently shared with us that indicates that in the past approximately 6-months, it appears first-time pass rates on private pilot airplane single-engine land practical tests are hovering somewhere in the 50-60% range. Take this to heart, please. It means that nearly half of our pilot applicants are failing their first attempts at a private pilot certificate.

Nothing brings together the aviation community like an AOG event

“AOG (Aircraft on Ground)” is the term used in aviation to indicated the aircraft is grounded or unairworthy. While it could be for technical reasons, it’s more often referencing a mechanical issue of some variety.

License to learn and a long cross-country

I determined from this experience weather is as forecast only part of the time. Sometimes it may be better but other times it will be worse, so assume forecasts are more like opinions than facts. “This is what license to learn means,” I thought to myself as I was bumping along in the warm summer air. No, the big lesson was yet to come.

Airport Bums

If you're a student pilot, your lessons are probably consumed with trips to the practice area, planning cross countries and honing your pattern and landing skills - fun stuff.  Even those of us with thousands of hours will stay sharp by going out on a sunny Sunday to practice turns around a point.

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