What I learned by attending the Aircraft Electronics Association Annual Convention

I had the pleasure of attending the 64th annual Aircraft Electronics…

My experience as a rusty pilot – Part IV

Some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever witnessed were from the left seat of a Cessna. Time saved by flying to a destination rather than driving can’t be overlooked. Taking in the rolling morning fog or enjoying the red, orange, and yellows of fall above the seven hills of Cincinnati is a view that even Monet would have trouble fathoming.
172 landing

My experience as a rusty pilot – Part III

My first official step toward renewing recency took place on a cold, rainy day in early February, 2020. I remember walking into the Airman Medical Examiner’s office slightly nervous for my inspection of personal airworthiness. Would the examiner pick up on my orange hue from all the rust that had accrued and rule me out as an eligible pilot?

My experience as a rusty pilot – part II

Deep down there was a continuous longing in my gut, head, and heart to get back into the front of the airplane. A few months before my path started veering back towards aviation, I remember confidently telling a friend (after he’d asked the last time I went up) that I would get back into flying.

What I Learned While Learning to Fly – Four Tips for Aspiring Student Pilots

Pilots are an eager group to get new prospective students into…

Giving back – a fun day at the airport

Like many of you, my flying has been on a hiatus for the past…
Grass runway

Why taildraggers improve your flying skills – and how to do it in a 172

I know when I checked out in a Citabria about 15 years ago, it changed how I thought about the landing process and it recalibrated my “seat of your pants” flight instrument (that we all have). My landings weren’t always pretty, but the experience taught me to focus on three things in particular.

A Brief History of the World (of Aviation)

The Beginning October 12, 1492.  July 4, 1776.  July 20, 1969. …

Magic carpet rides

On June 19, 2019 we departed Lake Hood’s (PALH) 2,200 foot…

Flying in a new direction – the case for technology in the cockpit

Technology is taking over our airplane cockpit these days, from portable GPS and weather receivers to sophisticated glass cockpit instrumentation. This can provide challenges to student pilots, who need to balance learning the fundamentals of navigation and situational awareness while still taking advantage of the latest advancements in digital mapping and datalink weather.