Similar to fishing, camping, rock climbing, or boating, getting the right gear for flying is almost as important (and as fun) as the actual activity. At Sporty’s, we’ve operated our own flight school for decades, so we know what student pilots need–and what they don’t. And since we are the world’s largest pilot shop, we can offer the best selection of high quality pilot supplies at the best prices. Here’s our selection of helpful tools for learning to fly, all available from Sporty’s:

  1. Home Study
  2. Preflight
  3. In the Cockpit
  4. Complete Packages
  5. Pilot Gifts

Home Study

Learning to fly doesn’t just mean meeting with your instructor. In fact, a lot of learning can happen at home or on your own schedule. Sporty’s offers a variety of study tools, from complete video training courses to FAA textbooks, so you can save time and money on your flight training. Sporty’s award-winning Learn to Fly Course is a great place to start.


A good flight starts with a good preflight, from planning your route to checking the weather and inspecting the airplane. These tools will help you stay safe, but they also make your preflight faster and more convenient. We even have complete iPad and Android apps for pilots. Many of these were developed by Sporty’s at our flight school, and are used every day at our airport.

In the Cockpit

Once you step into the airplane, you’ll need some important tools. A good flight bag is a critical first step, so don’t skimp on this step. Sporty’s has developed the Flight Gear line of flight bags to offer pilots better construction, more pilot-friendly features and unbeatable prices. A quality headset is another important purchase for a new pilot, and Sporty’s has the best selection of aviation headsets from the names you know: Bose, Lightspeed, Sigtronics, Telex and more.

Complete Packages

Looking for an all-in-one kit with everything you need to get started? Check out Sporty’s Deluxe Kits For Private or Instrument. They’re packed with all the essentials for a student pilot, including Sporty’s Complete Learn to Fly Course – Private Pilot Test Prep, a genuine Flight Gear bag and much more.

Pilot Gifts

Celebrate your new status as a pilot with some aviation-inspired gifts. Each one is a fun way to keep your head in the sky, even when you’re on the ground, or let the world know you’re a pilot. Visit our Wright Bros. Collection for a wide selection of gifts, models and aviation memorabilia.

To shop our complete selection of pilot supplies, visit Sporty’s Pilot Shop.