first solo and checkride moments

Friday photo: Departure Runway 06 at Gastons (3M0), Lakeview Arkansas

The Ozarks, with the hills, rivers, and lakes, have some of the most beautiful grass strips around.  The long evenings of summer, makes it such a great location for a relaxing flight.

Friday photo: Great Salt Lake

Late summer trip to Lake Tahoe took us just north of Salt Lake City (foreground) and the Great Salt Lake which is the largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere.

Friday photo: Navy Pier and Chicago Skyline

Another memorable trip to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh and this time in my own airplane. The perfect ending was capturing the beauty of Navy Pier and the Chicago skyline.

Friday photo: Goodyear blimp over Oshkosh

Flying aboard the Goodyear Blimp over EAA AirVenture was the experience of a lifetime.

Friday Photo: Christmas delivery

The next best thing to Santa's sleigh and nine reindeer is the 172 Cutlass. There was just enough cargo room for my early morning departure to Chicago to spread some Christmas cheer!

Friday Photo: sunset flight

Only a week from Daylight Saving Time, I decided to get out for a night flight before it's more difficult to do after the time change. I love the sunsets, but looking forward for more daytime flying

Friday photo: open flight deck beach flight

The moment: my first open flight deck experience The place:…

Friday photo: Alex Kruetzkamp Commercial pilot certification

The moment: Commercial pilot certification The place:…

Friday photo: rays of sunshine

The moment: enjoying the morning rays of sunshine The…

Friday photo: early morning arrival

The moment: early morning arrival The place: Near Jacksonville…