Why I fly

I have learned problem solving, Getting me and the airplane out of a fix. I use those skills every day, So that is reason number six.

Advice for Student Pilots – Top 10 List

Maybe one of these tips will help build your confidence after a hot day trying to master eights on pylons.  Whatever the trials and tribulations, flying is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have in your lifetime.

Reaching New Heights

The proud owner explained that it was a 1934 Waco S3HD--the only one of its kind still flying. I didn’t think it was possible, but my heart swelled, and I felt even more lucky to be co-piloting, let alone riding in his prized possession.

Flying for youth

As a flight instructor, I am often asked the question, "How old do you have to be to start learning to fly?" The short answer to the question is that there is no minimum age for a child to begin learning to fly. The longer answer is a bit more complicated and I will attempt to discuss that here.

5 flying resolutions for the New Year

The standard resolutions: losing weight, read more books (watch less television), volunteer, etc. are all noble causes. But for pilots, we should include our own aviation resolution category. Here are five resolutions from some of my fellow pilots at Sporty’s Pilot Shop.

Chart Smart: VFR sectional airport information

What is the significance of the star symbol next to the control…

Chart Smart: VFR sectional symbols

What does the flag symbol indicate above the Burlington Alamance…

Chart Smart: Can you identify this VFR Sectional symbol?

What is the significance of the charted Great Dismal Swamp National…

Free learning opportunities from Sporty’s virtual airshow month

While the summer wasn’t quite the same without EAA AirVenture…