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When most think of aerobatics, it elicits images of the world’s top airshow pilots and their dazzling performances at show center that seem to defy the principles of flight as we know them. In other words, activity best left to the elite. And yes, you’d be right to think that because the elite performers have reached a level of mastery that allows them to combine a series of aerobatic maneuvers into something artistic after years of mastering the craft.

But there are many levels of aerobatic flight from understanding the aerodynamic of a spin, to basic loops and rolls, to combination maneuvers like cloverleafs and hammerheads. Even if your ambition doesn’t include performing at AirVenture, an exploration of aerobatic flight will improve your stick and rudder skills, boost your confidence, and ultimately make you a safer, more confident pilot.

Up until now, your only option for a comprehensive aerobatics training course would be investing in a trip to a dedicated school where you may find yourself at the controls of an aerobatic airplane without a firm understanding of the fundamentals. But thanks to a breakthrough program with expert content developed by aerobatic champion, Patty Wagstaff, combined with the production expertise of Sporty’s, you can gain a thorough understanding of aerobatics from basic maneuvers to advanced, combination maneuvers through a new online training course.

Basic Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff

Basic Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff

Basic Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff puts you in the cockpit with an airshow legend to experience flight beyond straight and level. More than just a list of maneuvers, this course explores the art and sport of high performance flying—it’s the perfect way to explore aerobatics or complement in-airplane training. You’ll learn about the history of aerobatics, what the industry looks like today, and how to get started. You’ll also learn about legal considerations for flying aerobatics, how to prepare physically, and the systems on different types of aerobatic airplanes.

Then you’ll dive into all the maneuvers, from basics spins and aileron rolls to combination maneuvers like the Immelmann and Reverse Cuban Eight. Stunning HD video shows Patty demonstrating every maneuver and is supplemented by sophisticated animations. In-depth segments describe every maneuver step-by-step, complete with split screen views and real-world tips for smoother flying. You’ll also get answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to common errors.

The course also includes bonus 360-degree videos showing each maneuver, with controls to pan around the cockpit and view the maneuver from any angle. You’ll feel like you’re riding in the airplane for every loop, roll, and spin.

And about your host, Patty Wagstaff? She’s one of the most recognizable names in aerobatics and a six-time member of the US Aerobatic Team, the first woman to win the title of US National Aerobatic champion, and one of the few people to win it three times. She also runs a busy flight school in Florida (learn more at PattyWagstaff.com), teaching everyday pilots how to fly with more precision and airshow performers how to compete at the highest levels. You’ll also learn from Patty’s colleagues, experienced aerobatic instructor Allan Moore and instructor and airshow performer Spencer Suderman.

Learn more at sportys.com and get a preview of the course below.