Video Tip: Aerodynamics of a Wing Stall

During your flight training you will practice stalling the airplane to better learn the low-speed handling characteristics of the airplane, and how to recover if an unintentional stall occurs. In this video tip we'll look at how the airflow changes over the wing as it nears the critical angle of attack and eventually stalls.

Video tip: 6 rules for VFR cross-country flights

Getting out of the traffic pattern and going on a real trip is a lot of fun. It may even be the reason you’re learning to fly in the first place. But the same reasons these trips are so much fun - new places to see, a goal at the end of the flight - can lead to challenges if you aren’t prepared. Here are six rules to keep in mind when you’re flying VFR cross countries.

Video tip: how to land an airplane

Landing an airplane is one of the most challenging, yet satisfying tasks you'll learn to master on your path towards becoming a private pilot. This week's tip shows how to fly a stabilized final approach and help you visualize the steps necessary to transition from the roundout and flare to the touchdown.

Paula’s Discovery Flight – Private pilot training tips with Spencer Suderman (episode 4)

In this episode, Spencer takes Paula (a new student pilot) out for her first flight lesson in a Cessna 172. You will see what it's like to learn the basics of airplane control and how your CFI will coach you along the way to make each lesson a fun learning experience.

Video tip: Techniques for better takeoffs

The takeoff is one of the exhilarating parts of flying, but requires some basic knowledge of aircraft control and the airport environment. Here we'll look at a series of tips to help ensure each of your takeoffs are executed both smoothly and safely.

Inflight emergency scenarios with Spencer Suderman

Airshow pilot and flight instructor, Spencer Suderman, simulates several inflight emergency scenarios and how to handle them, including loss of engine power, flight instrument failure and loss of radio communications. Then on the return flight back to Jacksonville's Craig field, Spencer shows how to work with ATC in a busy traffic pattern.
Video Tip: Starting the airplane engine

Video Tip: Starting the airplane engine

Starting the airplane engine is one of the first hands-on procedures you'll learn when starting your flight training. In our latest video tip, we'll show you step-by-step the procedure for starting the Cessna 172S fuel-injected engine.

Ground reference maneuvers with Spencer Suderman (episode 2)

In this episode, Spencer demonstrates how to fly several of the common ground reference maneuvers, including turns around a point and the rectangular course. Not only will these help you learn to better control the airplane while compensating for the effects of the wind, but they'll help you fly a better traffic pattern when returning to land after each flight.

The four fundamentals of flight with Spencer Suderman (episode 1)

Spencer Suderman shows what to expect on a first flight lesson, from taxiing the airplane to talking with Air Traffic Control to takeoff. He also demonstrates the four fundamentals of flight - straight and level, climbs, descents, and turns - ad shows why a stall is nothing to be afraid of. You'll hear actual communications throughout the flight and learn valuable tips from an experienced flight instructor.

How to use VFR flight plans (video tip)

Pilots should get in the habit of filing and opening VFR Flight Plans when flying away from the local airport environment. Then, in the unlikely event that you have an emergency or off-airport landing, the authorities know to come look for you along your planned route of flight.