Video: the mental side of flight training

You know the requirements for flight training, and you might even have a school picked out. But what is it really like to start flight training? Beyond the mechanics of flying an airplane, what goes through the mind of a new student pilot? In this new video series from the popular Baron Pilot channel on YouTube, you'll get a behind-the-scenes (and unfiltered) view of Kim's flight training journey. It's fun and rewarding, but learning to fly isn't always easy.

Video: solo at 16

Soloing an airplane before you get your driver's license? That was Ryan Glassmeyer's goal from an early age, and that's exactly what he managed to do. In this video, he talks about learning to fly as a teenager, how he convinced his parents, and then takes us along for that first flight. 

Video: flying the Waco biplane

For pure stick and rudder fun, it's hard to beat the Waco YMF-5D biplane. While it features a lot of modern improvements, it also retains the magic of aviation's early days: open cockpit, fabric-covered fuselage, and two sets of wings. Ride along in a Waco as this pilot takes it on a tour of Southern California and shows off the impressive avionics inside this vintage-looking airplane.

Video: flying the Gulfstream G650

Few airplanes inspire envy like a Gulfstream jet, and the model sitting at the top of the company's lineup is the large cabin, long range G650. Most private pilots won't ever get to fly one of these beauties, but you can get a small taste of what it's like in this video. Experienced pilot Fred George puts the G650 through its paces, including air work and use of the heads-up display. 

Video: flying over 450 miles in a glider

When you think of glider flights, do you think of short flights within sight of the airport? That may be reality in a training glider on a calm summer morning, but in a high performance glider over the Alps pilots can go much further. Ride along with this glider pilot as he flies over 450 nautical miles in one trip. No engine required, but it helps to have sharp flying skills and knowledge of the terrain.
Video: landing at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Video: landing at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Every summer, EAA puts on the world's greatest aviation celebration, officially known as AirVenture but usually just called "Oshkosh." It's a week packed with airshows, exhibits, seminars, and so much more—but the most exciting part is getting there. Ride along with a father-son duo in this video as they fly the Fisk Arrival and land at OSH. It should be on every pilot's bucket list.

Video: Steep approach into London City Airport

Most passengers arriving in London land at the huge Heathrow or Gatwick airports, far outside the city. For a lucky few, though, London City Airport offers convenient access to the heart of the city. Landing here includes a scenic tour of some famous sites in the British capital, plus a very steep approach to a fairly short runway—it is not your typical arrival! Ride along for a cockpit view of this procedure in this video, and see why smaller airplanes sometimes have more fun.

Video: pulling over 7 G’s in a turboprop trainer

Did you know that one of the most advanced military trainers today has a propeller out front? The Pilatus PC-21 can fly up to 320 knots at low altitude, and is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney PT6A turboprop engine. In this video, you'll ride along for a takeoff in the PC-21, complete with a 7.5-G pull-up into a vertical climb and a few rolls. Not your average single engine airplane.

Video: Bush Flying 101

You hear a lot about "bush flying," but what does it really mean? In this beautiful video, Trent Palmer shows that it's more about flying with a spirit of adventure than anything else. He lands his airplane at a variety of remote dirt strips and meets up with other bush pilots for a fun-filled day in the air.

Video: learning how to land on an aircraft carrier

Everyone was a student pilot once, including the most seasoned Navy pilots who land on aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean. In this video, you'll get to ride along with one such pilot, as she learns how to land the C2-A twin turboprop on the pitching deck. It's a little more complicated than landing a Cessna 172 on a long runway, but the fundamentals of pitch and power are the same.