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Flight Training Central published more than 200 content pieces in 2023 and hosted several monthly themes throughout the year including IFR month in February and Learn to Fly month in May. Throughout the year, readers enjoyed articles, video tips, quizzes, industry news, and webinars and took advantage of Flight Training Central’s new Scholarship Directory to apply for hundreds of valuable awards. Quizzes proved to be the most popular category with several appearing in our top 10 list as pilots are always testing their knowledge.

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Enjoy these top 10 posts from 2023 and safe flying in the New Year!

10. What’s up with the Private Pilot Knowledge Test? – The Private Pilot Knowledge Test has undergone significant changes in the past year and how students prepare also needs to evolve.

9. Interactive Exercise: airspace operating requirements for pilots – Learn more about what is required to operate in each class of controlled and uncontrolled airspace in this interactive scenario from Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.

8. Video tip: how to recover from a spin with Patty Wagstaff – Join Patty Wagstaff in her Super Decathlon aerobatic airplane, as she explains how it’s possible to enter a spin, and then the proper recovery.

7. Quiz: basic aerodynamics – Take this quiz to test your aerodynamics knowledge.

6. Video tip: how to recover from a bad landing – Not every approach and landing will be by the book during your training so learn how to recover from these common mistakes.

5. 10 airport signs, markings, and lights all pilots should knowHere’s a review of ten airport signs and pavement markings you might encounter during ground operations at a busy airport.

4. Quiz: IFR approach chart symbols – How well can you interpret all the codes and symbols on an IFR approach chart?

3. How to choose an alternate airport when plannning an IFR flightContingency planning is even more important for IFR pilots on cross-country flights where a slight change can mean the difference between landing at the end of an instrument approach or having to go missed.

2. Non-towered airport operations – The FAA published an update to Advisory Circular (AC) 90-66 for non-towered airport operations. This AC calls attention to regulatory requirements, recommended operations, and communications procedures while operating at a non-towered airport.

1. Quiz: airspace classifications and rules – Each class of airspace is depicted with unique markings on the sectional chart and different VFR weather minimums and equipment requirements. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the U.S. airspace system.

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