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5 flight training myths

Know that stories exist and many have been stretched, bent, twisted, broken and otherwise embellished along the way.  As a wise man once told me, only believe half of what you read and none of what you hear…especially when it comes to these classic myths.

The Road to PIC YouTube Series from Baron Pilot

Learning to fly is fun and rewarding, but it can also be frustrating and even scary at times—and that’s exactly what Kim and Kristoffer from the Baron Pilot YouTube channel wanted to show in their new video series. In The Road to PIC, you can follow along on the exhilarating, but often raw and emotional journey, as Kim goes from first lesson, to first solo to PIC.

Airport Signs and Markings (Interactive Scenario)

All airports with ATC control towers in the U.S. (and some non-towered airports) use a standard set of pavement markings and elevated signs to guide pilots from the parking airport to the active runway. Test your knowledge of their location and meaning in this interactive exercise so that you’ll be well prepared on what to expect when taxiing at a large airport.

Inflight emergency scenarios with Spencer Suderman

Airshow pilot and flight instructor, Spencer Suderman, simulates several inflight emergency scenarios and how to handle them, including loss of engine power, flight instrument failure and loss of radio communications. Then on the return flight back to Jacksonville’s Craig field, Spencer shows how to work with ATC in a busy traffic pattern.

Five Ways to Save Money During Training

The most popular question I address with prospective pilots is how much and when? Of course the time and money variables go hand in hand. While difficult to arrive at an exact date and decimal point, pilots control much of their own destiny and we can provide ranges for time and money with reasonable accuracy based on past performance.