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Ride along on an IFR cross-country to Daytona Beach with Spencer Suderman

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to plan and fly an IFR flight? Join Spencer Suderman as he does just that, on a flight from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach, FL. You’ll learn about the entire process, starting with filing a flight plan in ForeFlight to retrieving an IFR clearance from ATC, en-route navigation, and how to fly the instrument approach at the destination.

Transitioning to IFR flying with an Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating will provide more freedom, confidence, and utility for your Private Pilot certificate as you no longer limited to VFR conditions. Not only will you have the skills and confidence for flying in more diverse weather conditions, and solely by reference to instruments, but instrument flying will introduce more precise flying.

February is IFR month at Sporty’s

Throughout the month of February, Sporty’s will be celebrating IFR Month, a four-week focus on the challenges and rewards of instrument flying. In addition to special savings on pilot gear, Sporty’s will also offer a YouTube video series, interactive webinars, live streams and more.