Airspace Operating Requirements for Pilots

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The U.S. airspace system is divided into different classes of airspace that extend horizontally and vertically, based on various factors. The airspace immediately surrounding the busiest airports is the most restrictive regarding pilot and airplane qualifications, while the airspace over the rural areas has the fewest restrictions.

Learn more about what is required to operate in each class of controlled and uncontrolled airspace in our latest interactive scenario from Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.

This is one of 18 new interactive exercises included in Sporty’s 2023 Learn to Fly Course, which includes over 15 hours of HD and 4K video training.

Bret Koebbe
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  1. Leo J Kowalski says:

    Where does the interactive graphic “Airspace Operating Requirements” indicate that ADSB out is required when operating above the ceiling but within the lateral limits of Class C and B airspace up to 10,000 ft msl per 14 cfr 91.225?

  2. Robert Cone says:

    A challenge

    I am an 82 year old SEL pilot with 5.000 hours, 75% in Mooneys. I have a commercial and instrument rating and currently working on a glider rating. I also have an expired VFI from the 60″s I sold my Mooney 2 years ago and began flying a Cirrus. Nice plane although not to the Mooney performance standards in my judgement. I finally departed this environment for the silent flight which is great. And highly recommended as it is safer than a powered airplane as it does not have an engine that could quit!

    My issue with the powered aircraft is the transition from the vacuum instruments to the glass cockpit. I never mastered this technology to the point that I was comfortable, likely because of the lack of on repetitive experience. Paying about $259 an hour became a barrier. I did not want the cost or challenge of acquiring a simulator and learning how to set it up and use it.

    Is this a common problem with senior aged pilots? How can it be addressed?.

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