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Video Tip: Aerodynamics of a Wing Stall

During your flight training you will practice stalling the airplane to better learn the low-speed handling characteristics of the airplane, and how to recover if an unintentional stall occurs. In this video tip we’ll look at how the airflow changes over the wing as it nears the critical angle of attack and eventually stalls.

Video tip: 6 rules for VFR cross-country flights

Getting out of the traffic pattern and going on a real trip is a lot of fun. It may even be the reason you’re learning to fly in the first place. But the same reasons these trips are so much fun – new places to see, a goal at the end of the flight – can lead to challenges if you aren’t prepared. Here are six rules to keep in mind when you’re flying VFR cross countries.

Video tip: how to land an airplane

Landing an airplane is one of the most challenging, yet satisfying tasks you’ll learn to master on your path towards becoming a private pilot. This week’s tip shows how to fly a stabilized final approach and help you visualize the steps necessary to transition from the roundout and flare to the touchdown.

Flying the Airport Traffic Pattern (Interactive Scenario)

All airports rely on a traffic pattern to allow for the efficient sequencing of both departing and arriving airplanes. Test your knowledge of these arrival and departure flows in our latest interactive scenario, by reading the traffic pattern direction and runway assignment and dragging the airplane to the correct colored path.

Guide to airport taxiway signs and markings (video tip)

All airports with ATC control towers in the U.S. (and some non-towered airports) use a standard set of pavement markings and elevated signs to guide pilots from the parking airport to the active runway. In this video, we’ll explore the location and meaning of each in a simulated 3D airport environment so that you’ll be well prepared on what to expect when taxiing at a large airport.

Video Tip: How to perform a Cessna 172 exterior preflight

The airplane preflight inspection is performed before each flight to ensure that all the required paperwork is on board, that the airplane systems are working properly and that the correct amount of fuel and oil are in the tanks. It’s your chance to really look the airplane over inside and out to assure yourself that it’s ready to fly, because once you’re airborne, you just can’t pull over in case something goes wrong.