Sporty’s Introduces Commercial Pilot Training Course

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Sporty’s latest training course will help pilots earn a Commercial pilot certificate, an essential step on the way to a job as a flight instructor or an airline pilot. Like all Sporty’s courses, the Commercial Pilot Course includes access to multiple formats for the same low price: online, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV and Roku. Progress always stays in sync between formats, and course access never expires.

Because Commercial pilot applicants come from a variety of backgrounds, Sporty’s Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course is organized in multiple learning modules that can be customized and deployed according to the pilot’s background. Pilots with vast experience may choose to focus on mastering commercial flight maneuvers and written test preparation, while pilots transitioning directly from an Instrument rating may first choose to access the more than 13 hours of video-based content.

Here’s how to put Sporty’s Commercial Pilot Course to use: 

Access the Video-based Learning Content – Sporty’s Commercial Pilot Training Course includes comprehensive video content designed to thoroughly prepare pilots for both the checkride and to operate safely as a commercial pilot. The video content is organized into six main chapters: Flight Maneuvers, Weather, Performance, High-Altitude Systems, Navigation, and Regulations.

The course also includes text-based Commercial study elements in one convenient “resources” location for quick reference. This includes the Commercial Pilot Airman Certification Standards – your guide to the checkride and an essential study resource. The course delivers relevant sections of the Airplane Flying Handbook. Learn about high altitude operations, international flight planning, and privileges and limitations of a Commercial pilot with extensive information on deciphering private versus common carriage.

Course users also gain access to Sporty’s FAA library which includes the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), regulations, weather handbooks, and much more. All of the included study resources offer robust PDF tools for organizing, searching, bookmarking, highlighting or even printing.

Study for the written test – Sporty’s powerful written test prep tools will help you ace the Commercial pilot written test with access to an extensive database of more than 800 test questions. All Commercial written test categories are included, from airplane systems to weather to regulations. Sporty’s Test Preparation offers both a study and testing mode. 

Use Study Mode to select individual categories or study a random mix of questions. Sporty’s exclusive Smart Study sessions even help identify categories that require more focused study based on your results, so  less time is spent studying content already mastered. Testing mode will provide a random mix of questions to provide a simulated exam, including a timed exam.. Two tests with a minimum score of 80% are required for the written exam endorsement.  The written exam endorsement is issued directly from the course.

Master the Commercial maneuvers – Sporty’s Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course includes detailed animations describing exactly how to perform all the Commercial maneuvers for the checkride. From chandelles to lazy eights, each segment provides step-by-step instructions, minimum standards required for checkride success, and common errors to avoid. The dedicated segment on flying complex and high-performance airplanes will help pilots transitioning to advanced aircraft by explaining propeller and landing gear systems, autopilot use, and engine management tips.

Prepare for the checkride – Sporty’s alleviates the stress of checkride day by integrating a dedicated checkride prep module. Checkride prep allows you to gauge your preparedness in a self-guided question/answer session using flashcards. Answer an oral exam question and then click the card to see the corresponding answer with a reference for further study. Questions cover all knowledge categories for Commercial pilot and were crafted by Sporty’s staff of CFIs and designated pilot examiners. 

Just like the knowledge test section, you can study only marked or missed flashcards, plus take Smart Study sessions for more focused review. Finally, the included practical test checklist is an interactive form designed to help you stay organized and ensure all practical test requirements have been met.

Sporty’s Commercial Test Prep Course is available for $249.99. It can be accessed, along with all of Sporty’s course offerings, on Sporty’s award-winning Pilot Training platform. This provides the ultimate flexibility by allowing pilots to train using the device that works best on any given day: access online in a web browser or in Sporty’s Pilot Training app for iOS and Android. Access to all platforms is included and course progress always stays in sync. For more information or to purchase a course, visit

Eric Radtke