Aviation Flight Training Scholarship Listings

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KimIt’s no secret that pilot training requires a significant investment, but thankfully there are resources to help. Sporty’s Flight Training Central has compiled a list of those resources that contain hundreds of awards worth millions of dollars that can be applied to various phases of pilot training. Please check  carefully for eligibility and deadlines and remember these important tips:

  • Carefully review scholarship requirements to ensure eligibility before applying
  • Be meticulous in reviewing forms and items that must be submitted with applications and be accurate in your completion
  • Stand out in the crowd – include background, service and experiences that are uniquely you
  • Don’t procrastinate – if required to obtain a letter of reference, start early and don’t expect those who may offer recommendations to be able to deliver a polished letter on a day’s notice
  • Respect the deadlines – deadlines do not mean post marked. Allow enough time for your applications to arrive well ahead of deadline

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Eric Radtke