Webinar video: ForeFlight – what’s new and advanced tips

Hear from ForeFlight's Josh Berman on what's new in aviation's top app, plus some lesser-known advanced tips.

Free Sporty’s Webinar: how to pass your FAA written in less time

Wednesday, August 24 - 3pm eastern It's something all pilots…

Video tip: aircraft inspections and ELT requirements

Airplanes are held to high standards when it comes to maintenance and inspection requirements. This week's tip takes a look at the reason behind each inspection, how to verify they've been completed and the required paperwork to be on the airplane. It also takes a look at why digital 406 MHz emergency locator transmitters (ELT) incorporate GPS to improve their performance.

AOPA webinar on avoiding VFR flight into IMC

Inadvertent VFR flight into instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) is a deadly combination - in fact, the deadliest weather-related accident cause.

License to learn and a long cross-country

I determined from this experience weather is as forecast only part of the time. Sometimes it may be better but other times it will be worse, so assume forecasts are more like opinions than facts. “This is what license to learn means,” I thought to myself as I was bumping along in the warm summer air. No, the big lesson was yet to come.

Pilot Minute Video: fatigue

In this episode of the Pilot Minute video series, Federal Air Surgeon, Dr. Susan Northrup, tackles the topic of fatigue and whether it’s ok for pilots to fly even if they are just a little tired.