Video tip: Cessna 172 electrical system

The electrical system is a critical component of today's modern airplanes, distributing and supplying power to the lights, avionics and digital flight instruments. This week's tip takes a look at the various elements that make up the electrical system in the popular Cessna 172 training airplane.

Video tip: secrets of VFR sectional charts

VFR sectional charts contain a wealth of information and are considered essential equipment for pilots of all skill levels. This week's tip dives into the symbols and markings used on these charts to help you get more out of the aviation data on your next flight.

How airplane pressurization systems work (video tip)

High-performance airplanes and jets incorporate a pressurization system to provide a comfortable cabin environment for the flight crew and passengers. In this video, we'll show how this system works in piston-engine airplanes, like a Piper Malibu, and how the pilot control it from the flight deck.

Video Tip: How to fly an LPV (GPS) approach with a Garmin GTN 650

LPV instrument approaches provide ILS-like precision to over 4,000 runways in the U.S. In this week's video tip, we'll explain the differences between a traditional LNAV and LPV instrument approach, and show how to fly one using a Garmin GTN 650 navigator.

Video Tip: VFR communications

Talking on the radio can be intimidating for new pilots, but with a few tips in mind it doesn't have to be hard. In our latest video tip, we give you a few basics to remember so you can sound like a pro when you talk to tower or on the CTAF. If you know what to expect, you'll be a lot more confident.

Paula’s Discovery Flight – Private pilot training tips with Spencer Suderman (episode 4)

In this episode, Spencer takes Paula (a new student pilot) out for her first flight lesson in a Cessna 172. You will see what it's like to learn the basics of airplane control and how your CFI will coach you along the way to make each lesson a fun learning experience.

Video tip: Techniques for better takeoffs

The takeoff is one of the exhilarating parts of flying, but requires some basic knowledge of aircraft control and the airport environment. Here we'll look at a series of tips to help ensure each of your takeoffs are executed both smoothly and safely.

Video tip: how to land an airplane

Landing an airplane is one of the most challenging, yet satisfying tasks you'll learn to master on your path towards becoming a private pilot. This week's tip shows how to fly a stabilized final approach and help you visualize the steps necessary to transition from the roundout and flare to the touchdown.

How to identify airport runways and traffic patterns (video tip)

A standard traffic pattern is normally flown when setting up to approach and land at an airport. In this video, we'll take a look at the standard ways to both enter and depart a traffic pattern, as well as look at how runways are identified based on their location and orientation.
Video Tip: Starting the airplane engine

Video Tip: Starting the airplane engine

Starting the airplane engine is one of the first hands-on procedures you'll learn when starting your flight training. In our latest video tip, we'll show you step-by-step the procedure for starting the Cessna 172S fuel-injected engine.