Video Tip: How to land a Piper J-3 Cub tailwheel airplane on grass

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The rugged design of a tailwheel airplane and its extra prop clearance opens up the opportunity to land at a wide variety of off-airport locations with soft surfaces, like sand, gravel bars, grass and even mud. A modified soft-field approach and landing technique should be used when operating from these conditions, which allows the wheels to touchdown at the slowest possible airspeed with the wings supporting the weight of the airplane as long as possible.

This week’s tip explains how to land a tailwheel airplane on non-pavement surfaces using the soft field method. To learn more about how to fly tailwheel airplanes, check out Sporty’s Tailwheel Checkout Course with Patty Wagstaff.

Bret Koebbe
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  1. Peter DeLoof says:

    No flaps on a true J-3 Cub, so the mentioned use of flaps should be noted as applicable to other aircraft.

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