New online service: train with flight instructors anytime, anywhere

A new online training resource called InstaCFI connects pilots with CFIs across the country to meet virtually for ground instruction, assistance with complex flight planning, avionics instruction and much more.

Video tip: Cessna 172 electrical system

The electrical system is a critical component of today's modern airplanes, distributing and supplying power to the lights, avionics and digital flight instruments. This week's tip takes a look at the various elements that make up the electrical system in the popular Cessna 172 training airplane.
HD flight maneuver spotlight: steep turns

Steep Turns – Sporty’s HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

Welcome to Sporty's Flight Maneuver Spotlight series. This week we're going to fly steep turns, a maneuver that will help both improve your flight control skills at a steeper bank angle and show the importance of keeping your eyes moving between inside and outside the cockpit.

Free online FIRC available through Sporty’s CFI portal

Sporty’s has developed a fresh new option for flight instructors to renew their CFI certificate using a modern online learning system to deliver innovative, engaging content.

Video tip: secrets of VFR sectional charts

VFR sectional charts contain a wealth of information and are considered essential equipment for pilots of all skill levels. This week's tip dives into the symbols and markings used on these charts to help you get more out of the aviation data on your next flight.

Pilot’s Guide to the FAA WINGS Program

Pilots complete knowledge and flight activities to earn WINGS credits. When the appropriate credits have been earned and approved on the website or in the pilot's logbook, a Basic phase of WINGS is earned.

Aviation Flight Training Scholarship Listings

Sporty’s Flight Training Central has compiled a list of those resources that contain hundreds of awards worth millions of dollars that can be applied to various phases of pilot training.

Sporty’s webinar video: Flying Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff

Interested in learning to fly aerobatics and how it can improve your skills as a pilot? Join Patty Wagstaff for a fun and educational webinar on what it takes to get started and stay safe.

How airplane pressurization systems work (video tip)

High-performance airplanes and jets incorporate a pressurization system to provide a comfortable cabin environment for the flight crew and passengers. In this video, we'll show how this system works in piston-engine airplanes, like a Piper Malibu, and how the pilot control it from the flight deck.
Sporty's E6B Flight Computer

Quiz: Flight Planning with Sporty’s E6B

During flight training, you’ll learn to plan your cross-country flights first by hand and use the E6B each step of the way. You’ll also find it to be a handy companion when studying for the FAA knowledge exam. We’ll use the Sporty’s electronic E6B flight computer in this quiz when calculating flight planning and navigation questions.