Ask a CFI: Are military training routes 8 miles wide like victor airways?

No, there is not a standard width for Military Training Routes…

Ask a CFI – do I have to fly a standard traffic pattern at non-towered airports?

§ 91.126 (Operating on or in the vicinity of an airport in Class G airspace) requires that "each pilot of an airplane must make all turns of that airplane to the left unless markings indicate that turns should be made to the right.

Are flight simulators valuable to your flight training?

At home flight simulators can be a fun way to pass time while…

Pilot Minute Video: check the status of your medical

Do you know how to check your current medical application status in MedXPress? FAA’s Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup demonstrates how in the latest Pilot Minute video.

Webinar video: a pilot’s guide to headsets

Headset technology has advanced rapidly and the features and choices in aviation headsets can be downright overwhelming. ANR, passive, panel-powered, Bluetooth, TSO'd?

Sporty’s launches suite of free flight instructor tools

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course isn’t just for independent studying; a comprehensive CFI portal connects instructors with their students’ at-home study sessions, making the flight training process more organized and efficient. This suite of tools includes lesson plans, a flight instructor refresher course, and access to Sporty’s award-winning pilot training courses. Best of all, every feature is available free to any active flight instructor.
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