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June 2024 test question update from Sporty’s

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Sporty’s recently released its June written test question update in its 2024 Learn to Fly Course test preparation module. While the FAA does not publish actual test questions, representative test questions are available, and new questions released by Sporty’s represent emphasis areas which you will likely enounter on the test.

The FAA continues to add new questions based on guidance from the Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards. Read the complete June 2024 update here.

The March test question update is availaalbe here.

The January test question update is available here.

And test your knowledge now by taking this quiz, sampling the new questions just released.

Large accumulations of carbon monoxide in the human body result in:
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During the takeoff roll, you observe a lower RPM than normal. How should you proceed?
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What does a runway exit sign denote?
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A stabilized approach is one where the pilot:
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While flying with full power, in what condition is pilot inattentiveness most likely to result in a stall?
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