Video tip – how to use aviation self-serve fuel facilities

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Throughout your flight training, it’s likely that the flight school or FBO at the airport will take care of fueling your airplane before each flight. Even after you earn your certificate, it’s standard practice for FBO at your destination airport to fuel your airplane directly from a truck on the ramp after placing a fuel order.

Many airports offer a self-serve fuel option at a cheaper price per gallon, which can offer big savings for large fillups and serve as a plan B for fuel when landing after hours when the FBO is closed. The only tradeoff is that you have to do the fueling yourself. This week’s tip takes a look at how to operate a self-serve fuel system to ensure that your first time using one goes smoothly.

The video clip is from Sporty’s 2022 Learn to Fly Course

Bret Koebbe
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  1. Jim says:

    Video forgot to mention the chock placed prior to fueling needs to be removed at final walk around Also the fuel fill cap needs special attention so as not to chip dent

  2. Dean Lake says:

    Suggestion: How about mentioning to sump the tank(s) after fueling to check for water, contaminants, etc?

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