Friday photo: open flight deck beach flight

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Flying Musicians Association announces 2022 scholarship program

The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) recognizes the correlation…

Video tip: accelerated stalls

Stalls seem pretty straightforward for most pilots, but stalls during a turn can seem quite different. In our latest quick tip, we look at these accelerated stalls. You'll learn why it's called an accelerated stall, how to prevent one, and why load factor is so important.

Break the error chain with your iPad

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Chart Smart: VFR sectional symbols

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FAA releases updated Airplane Flying Handbook

FAA recently released the 2021 edition of the Airplane Flying…

Video: why learn to fly?

Watch our free 4-part video series on learning to fly. First, why you should learn to fly.

Video: how do you learn to fly?

In the second video in our series, we explore the steps involved to earn a pilot's license.

Video: your first flight lesson

In part three, we give you a preview of what your first flight lesson will be like (hint: you'll do the flying!).

What is an Airworthiness Directive (AD)?

Airworthiness Directives (ADs) are issued by the FAA to correct…