FAA releases updated Airplane Flying Handbook

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FAA recently released the 2021 edition of the Airplane Flying Handbook. Updates include:

  • Chapter 1 (Introduction to Flight Training) – Added information on the FAA Wings Program.
  • Chapter 4 (Energy Management) – All new chapter/material.
  • Chapter 9 (Approaches and Landings) – Added information concerning a forward slip to a landing. Changed description associated with Crosswind Final Approach. Removed material on 360 degree power-off landing as this maneuver is not part of testing standard.
  • Chapter 10 (Performance Maneuvers) – Added information on lazy eights.
  • Chapter 13 (Transition to Multiengine Airplanes) – Accelerated approach to stall minimum altitude revised to match the ACS. The 14 CFR part 23 certification standard used for many multiengine airplanes is now referred to a historical standard, since many of the previous requirements will not apply to newly certificated aircraft.
  • Chapter 18 (Emergency Procedures) – Revised information regarding the safety of turning back after an engine failure after takeoff. Added a section on emergency response systems to include ballistic parachutes and autoland systems.

The updated Airplane Flying Handbook is available here and within Sporty’s online courses at www.sportys.com/mycourses.

Eric Radtke