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For over 20 years, Sporty’s has produced the finest flight training videos. Our course is much more than just ground school – we put you in the cockpit to see what flying is all about, with dynamic in-flight video and incredible 3D animations. To purchase any Sporty’s video, click here.

Here, we offer our introductory series on taking the first step in your flight training. First, why you should learn to fly?

Ready to take the next step? Watch our second video tip for a look at the steps to earn a pilot’s license.

550x225 LTF course

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  1. Kerron Safe says:

    Am interested in finding out if Sportys would ever create their learn to Fly videos for Android devices.

  2. roger cromer says:

    Hello, my son is almost 15 and am interested in having him try a flight lesson .Do you have a flight package he could tryout? thank-you

    • John Zimmerman says:

      We offer flight lessons at Sporty’s Academy, our on-site flight school outside Cincinnati, Ohio. If you’re not close to us, try a school nearby.

  3. Michelle Akman says:

    My son and daughter both participated in the Young Eagles Program. My daughter turned 18, graduated and is now in College. She is still interested in flying just from that experience. My son started the free Sporty’s Flying class but never finished it. My daughter never had time to start it. How does that compare to the DVD or online course you offer for the 3 types of flying pilots do? Can either one of them still do the course or has the opportunity expired?

    • John Zimmerman says:

      Michelle, the course described on this page is exactly the same one your son and daughter used. As far as still accessing the course, it’s possible. You might contact Brian O’Lena at EAA for details.

    • Kevin says:


      Let me encourage you to do everything you can to help your daughter become a pilot. I have a daughter in college who is a pilot and working on an instrument rating. She has the opportunity from time-to-time to share a flight and her passion for flying with other students (even a professor has expressed an interest in going flying). It will obviously be an additional expense for lessons, but there may be a flying club nearby or scholarships that can make it more affordable.

      It is a ‘lifetime achievement’ and will make her one of the few – there are only 40K women pilots in the US.

  4. Nick says:


    I stopped taking flying lessons about 7 years ago and managed to log about 47.5 hours of flight time. Unfortunately I never received my certificate due to some time constraints and money issues I was having at the time. Now I am kicking myself in the butt for never finishing. I was so close!!! Anyways, I was curious how I would start back up again. Thanks for any input you could give me!


    • John Zimmerman says:

      Good news, Nick. Your time never expires, so hang onto the logbook. A good way to get started back up may be to review some home study videos (like this: This would help you knock the rust off and get up to date on new regulations, etc. Step 2 is to get out to the airport and take a flight with an instructor. See where you are, and talk to your flight instructor about making a plan to get back into it. You CAN do it!

    • John Zimmerman says:

      The DVDs include over 12 hours of high quality video and 3D animations, plus a complete written test prep study program. It’s much more comprehensive.

  5. ron piper says:

    Sometime in the future I may be wanting your learning videos for single and helicopter! Great stuff guys keep up the good work. Keep me on your email listing. Thanx – Ron Piper

  6. Richard Williams says:

    I have a son who is very interested in flying but he is only 12. Is that too young to take flying lessons?

  7. Allen says:

    Hello, I got my private in 1994 and I would like to buy a full private course for review purpose. Since I travel a lot I need to buy a Android version to watch when I am on the road. Do you know if any software that can convert your iPhone version to my android phone?

  8. Reed Norris says:

    Hello, I took a EAA young eagles flight this past september, and I took advantage of my learn to fly course materials online. Well, one day i tried to log on, but i found the interface was completely different and my log in information ‘is not valid’

  9. Denni says:

    The on-line version of the course looks best to me because it allows me the flexibility of using my big-screen computer, but use the iPad at other times. The times I want to use the iPad, though, I’m likely to have cellular connectivity at best. Can I pre-download content so I can study while traveling, for example, but still work on-line at home? Or should I just stick with the iPad version?

  10. John Zimmerman says:

    You’ve got the trade offs pretty well there. But no, the online course does not allow you to download video.

  11. Kirk Jackson says:

    Android outsold apple tablets this past year and will continue to do so… Many professionals like myself no longer use apple products concerning tablets, and feel Sportys and other leading aviation companies need to pressure the makers of aviation apps to provide the same products for androids. Reading the blogs this is a giant problem and I have grown resentful towards the companies selling apps for apple products and not android…

    • John Zimmerman says:

      Kirk, we do offer a number of Android apps and almost all of our tablet accessories are compatible with Android. Our course hasn’t made it there yet, but the online version works very well on Android.

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