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Quiz: Basic Aircraft Aerodynamics

As much as it seems sometimes that airplanes fly by magic, it’s important for every pilot to understand at least the basic fundamentals of aerodynamics. These principles dictate not only how the aircraft stays aloft, but what makes it either stable or unstable.

Quiz: Understanding the airplane Pitot-Static System

The pitot-static system is the source of valuable flight information for the pilot. But how does it work and what instruments are affected? Take this quiz to find out if you have mastered the finer details of the pitot-static system. Want to brush up on your flight instrument knowledge? Check out Sporty’s 2024 Learn to […]

Quiz: Airplane Weight and Balance

Calculating the airplane’s weight and balance is a mandatory task you must complete before every flight. Many of an airplane’s performance, handling, and structural characteristics are a function of weight and balance, not to mention the safety risks associated with operating an overloaded or out-of-balance airplane.

Quiz: Aircraft Engine Operations

Aircraft engines can provide thousands of hours of reliable service, provided that they are maintained and operated properly. From the pilot’s perspective, this involves learning the best practices for power control, leaning procedures, cooling, and other operational considerations.

Quiz: Landing Techniques

While it may be true that any landing you can walk away from is a good landing, there is certainly something to be said about always striving to make better landings. Most experienced pilots would be willing to admit that the perfect landing is much more of an art than a science. Take this quiz on landing techniques to hone your touchdown knowledge in search of consistently smooth and safe landings and see if you can squeak out a perfect score.

Quiz: Weather theory for pilots

There is one constant in aviation that affects every flight, no matter if you’re flying as a student pilot in the practice area or flying for the airlines from coast to coast – the weather. Developing a sound knowledge of weather theory is critical in the early phases of flight training to assist with making the important go/no-go decision. Take our latest quiz and test your knowledge on the fundamentals of weather theory.