Ask a CFI: will I be tested on every item found in the ACS?

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No, the examiner has some discretion on what elements are evaluated.


The examiner has some discretion on what elements are evaluated.

The goal of the airman certification process is to ensure the applicant possesses the knowledge, ability to manage risks, and skill consistent with the privileges of the certificate. There is no requirement for an examiner to test every knowledge and risk management element in a Task to accomplish this goal; rather the evaluator has discretion to sample as needed to ensure the applicant’s mastery of that Task. The required minimum elements to be tested from each applicable Task include:

• any elements in which the applicant was shown to be deficient on the knowledge test, as applicable;
• at least one knowledge element;
• at least one risk management element; and
• all skill elements unless otherwise noted in the ACS.

Knowledge and risk management elements are primarily evaluated on the knowledge test. The evaluator administering the practical test also has the discretion to combine Tasks/elements as
appropriate to testing scenarios. If the Task includes a knowledge or risk element with sub-elements, the evaluator may choose the primary element and select at least one sub-element to satisfy the requirement.


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