AOPA Flight Training Advantage offers a unique, modern approach to flight training

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is an adaptive flight training system that offers a fresh alternative and replacement to a traditional syllabus. AFTA automatically generates individualized lessons based on student performance so each lesson is unique to your training needs. And the system can be accessed online or via a dedicated iPad/iPhone app.

While the importance of utilizing a training syllabus is well-documented, the promise of AFTA is to make the flight training process more effective for the student, the instructor, and the flight school. Instead of the prescribed lesson content in a traditional flight training syllabus, AFTA individually customizes lesson plans based upon the student’s progress and FAA training requirements. Students can also see how they’ve performed with a full detailed lesson history and can check their training progress through detailed progress reports. Students will also appreciate anytime access to lesson prep materials including article, videos and helpful tips.

CFIs and flight schools can also benefit from AFTA as it offers lesson prep, access to student records, and grading to airmen certification standards to help deliver a quality flight training experience. While AFTA automatically assigns lesson elements based on student performance, CFIs and schools maintain the flexibility to modify lessons on demand.

AFTA is free for flight schools and CFIs and free for students with an AOPA membership. Learn more at

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