VFR Challenge: Getting Down in the UP

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You made a series of reasonable decisions in the name of comfort and safety, only to create a situation where you’re tight on both fuel and options. Will you wager your last hour of fuel on making just one landing at the airport beneath you or take the chance on making it to an alternate? Watch this video from PilotWorkshops’ VFR Mastery scenario collection and challenge yourself—what would you do?
Bret Koebbe
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  1. John Flaherty says:

    Seems to me this analysis errs. The decision seems based mostly on alternate-site winds being straight on the runway. Yet the winds in general have already been more variable and gusty than forecast. I thus question whether the winds can genuinely be expected still on the runway in 30 minutes. Then too, even assuming winds haven’t swung, …gusty winds would also present the risk of low-level wind shear. One can wreck an airplane in straight-runway wind if a gust occurs or drops just before flare.
    This gives me the rough impression of a land breeze, yet does not detail how far inland such breezes will last.
    In general, I question whether someone should take this flight in the first place. If the winds are possibly that close to maximum categories, it might be wiser to reschedule.

  2. John Flaherty says:

    I think the solution given presents as many hazards as the dilemma. Weaker winds at Land-o-Lakes now do not guarantee weaker winds in 30 minutes. Not without making assumptions.
    I also question whether weather and airfield facilities received as much attention as they should during flight planning. Certainly the solution seems to depend on a few details–like the grass airstrip–that the dilemma failed to mention.

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