Video Tip: VFR communications

Talking on the radio can be intimidating for new pilots, but with a few tips in mind it doesn't have to be hard. In our latest video tip, we give you a few basics to remember so you can sound like a pro when you talk to tower or on the CTAF. If you know what to expect, you'll be a lot more confident.

Breaking the Barriers, the Final 4 Obstacles to Your Flight Training

Sadly, many of the people who begin flight lessons are never able to see them through to earning a certificate. Much as the ongoing NCAA tournament that began with 68 teams is being whittled down to the final four, pilot candidates fall to the wayside for a plethora of reasons. But this article will discuss the four most common pitfalls and suggest strategies so you become a pilot rather than falling victim to these obstacles.

Round-Dial or Glass, Which Is Right for Me?

When deciding between training in a traditional round-dial airplane or training in a glass flight deck airplane, the first thing you must ask yourself is the question, "What type of airplane will I be flying after I get my rating?"

Paula’s Discovery Flight – Private pilot training tips with Spencer Suderman (episode 4)

In this episode, Spencer takes Paula (a new student pilot) out for her first flight lesson in a Cessna 172. You will see what it's like to learn the basics of airplane control and how your CFI will coach you along the way to make each lesson a fun learning experience.
collision avoidance quiz

Quiz: Traffic Spotting Techniques

All pilots must maintain vigilance in order to see and avoid other aircraft. In a see-and-be-seen environment you should continuously scan all areas visible from the cockpit. But do you know the best method to accomplish this? What about at night? Take this quiz and test your ability to spot a potential traffic conflict and avoid a dangerous collision.
Safety pilot monitoring while pilot flied wearing a view limiting device.

What qualities to look for in an instructor with the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)

Having a good CFI who is invested in the learner and really understands the learning process, cares about the relationship and his or her student's success, is a vital component of successful flight training. Finding a CFI who excels at instructing  provides lifetime benefits.

3 questions student pilots are asking right now

As a pilot and lead sales and customer experience representative at a busy flight school, I spend most of my time speaking to individuals interested in the pilot experience. And while the questions posed are mostly the same, the answers are not. Answers and solutions vary based on each person’s circumstances, but there is universal guidance to help get you started. Here are three questions I'm being asked right by with potential students.

Webinar video: Pass your checkride with DPE, Jason Blair

Understanding exactly what to expect in your oral and practical, and how to prepare effectively, can make all the difference between disaster and a valuable, enriching experience.

Quiz: Airspace classifications and rules

You'll likely pass through several classes of airspace on every flight, whether it's your first solo or a cross-country flight to the beach. Each class of airspace is depicted with unique markings on the sectional chart and different VFR weather minimums and equipment requirements. Take our latest quiz and test your knowledge of the U.S. airspace system.

Five common student pilot mistakes

Learning to fly is almost like a full-time job. It requires a lot of study outside the airplane. One of the mistakes we see students making is coming to the lesson under-prepared.