NBAA scholarship deadline approaching

Apply by July 30, 2022 The NBAA Charities scholarship program,…

Webinar Video: Tailwheel and Backcountry Flying Tips, with Patty Wagstaff

Interested in earning a tailwheel endorsement, or exploring the exciting world of backcountry flying? Enjoy this free webinar video with Patty Wagstaff.

Best Glide Speed – Keep It Simple or Extract the Most Performance?

As a student pilot, before you even solo, your flight instructor will teach you the basic concept behind a speed known as Best Glide Speed. You will likely be taught that this is a speed that will allow you to cover the most distance in gliding flight. As expressed by many instructors and examiners, your Private Pilot certificate is a license to learn. Now that you have reached this milestone, it is time to go beyond the basics.

New animation added to Runway Safety Simulator 2.0

The FAA's Runway Safety Simulator Tool was recently updated for a more modern look and feel along with some enhanced functionality.

Three exciting flight simulator stories we’re following

The last two years have witnessed a flurry of interest in the flight simulation realm, thanks mainly to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Sporty’s webinar video: Flying with Datalink Weather—ADS-B and SiriusXM Tips

Datalink weather has the potential to make your flying safer and more comfortable - but only if you know how to use it properly.