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Top 5 articles from 2021 at Student Pilot News

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Here are the top 5 articles from 2021 at StudentPilotNews.com

1) Top 10 things you need when starting flight training

Sporty’s is much more than just a pilot shop. From the very beginning, our company was based on teaching people how to fly. Today, our successful flight school has hundreds of students and is solely responsible for the University of Cincinnati’s Professional Pilot Program. The plethora of pilot supplies out there can be overwhelming, so students often look to us for advice on what you really need for flight training.

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2) The seven deadly sins of aviation communications

Talking on the radio is always near the top of the list of concerns for student pilots. Nobody wants to sound bad in front of the “audience” of your fellow pilots, but the jargon used by pilots and controllers alike can make it hard to know what to say and when to say it. Sometimes if feels like you’re learning a foreign language.

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3) Why student pilots should fly in marginal weather (with a flight instructor)

Flight training is often presented as one long journey toward the Private Pilot checkride, but I think of it as three different phases stacked on top of each other. In the first phase, you’re learning how to control the airplane, so the emphasis is on steep turns, stalls, and airspeed control. Then you move to pattern work, learning how to make consistently smooth landings and how to talk on the radio. These two phases understandably get a lot of attention, but the third phase, cross country flying, usually gets short shrift.

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4) 3 questions student pilots are asking right now

Beginning your flight training journey is an exciting step and also a significant commitment—it’s something you want to be sure about to find success. Earning your certificate is not something that happens overnight and requires not only financial resources, but also your time in preparing for and completing each lesson. Anyone considering a pilot training course has similar questions that help make your final decision on when, where, and how to get started.

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5) High Wing or Low Wing – Which Trainer Should I Choose?

“Low wing airplanes were designed by the very devil himself. How do I know this? Because birds were designed by God and he created them with high wings”- quote by the late John Frank, Cessna Pilots Association.

You don’t have to hang around airports, airplanes or pilots very long until someone will crank up the high wing versus low wing debate. Early airplanes were called biplanes because they had two wings, one above and the other below the fuselage.

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