How long does it take to learn to fly?

The length of time it takes to earn a pilot's certificate varies widely (anywhere from a few weeks to a year), and depends on how spread out your training schedule is. A major milestone in your training is your first solo.
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Top 5 articles from 2021 at Student Pilot News

We published hundreds of articles and videos at Student Pilot News in 2021. Here is a look back at five of our most popular, from helpful flying tips to debates about airplanes.

Video tip: ATC tower communications

Learning to effectively communicate with a control tower often presents a challenge to student pilots, since it requires additional multitasking during an already busy time of flight. One of the best ways to learn is to listen to other pilots on the radio, and this week's tip follows a Cessna 172 pilot as he works with both ground control and the tower to taxi and takeoff from a Class D airport.

Sporty’s launches Tailwheel Checkout Course

All-new course explores the exciting world of taildraggers and…

CFIT and the overreliance on Automation – from the FAASTeam

Technological advances in situational awareness have dramatically…

3 Night Flying Pilot Hacks

It didn’t take many flights for me to really start to appreciate and enjoy flying at night. In many ways, it is better than flying during the day. But night flight isn’t without some unique challenges. Here are my top 3 hacks to overcome some of those challenges and make your night flights more enjoyable.

Pilot Minute video: streamline the medical certification process

In this episode of Pilot Minute, produced by the Civil Aerospace…

Video Tip: Handling Emergencies

During your training, you'll practice a variety of simulated emergencies so that you're prepared in the event the real thing develops in flight. One of the common training scenarios is a simulated engine failure, which will teach you important memory items and how to use the emergency checklist. This week's tip demonstrates best-practices for dealing with this rare situation to help you get safely back on the ground.

Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Change 1 published

The FAA recently published Change 1 of the Aeronautical Information…

NOTAM has a new meaning

If  you'd like to stump your CFI on your next lesson, ask what…