Sporty’s launches Tailwheel Checkout Course

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All-new course explores the exciting world of taildraggers and bush flying

Backcountry flying is one of the hottest segments of general aviation right now, and Sporty’s latest course offers the perfect way to get started. Tailwheel Checkout, hosted by legendary airshow pilot Patty Wagstaff, includes over two hours of practical tips for mastering these demanding airplanes, based on Patty’s decades of flying taildraggers at airshows, in Africa, and everywhere in between.

Throughout the course, stunning 4K video shows a wide variety of taildraggers operating in diverse environments. Featured airplanes include the Citabria, Super Decathlon, Extra 300, Piper Super Cub, and Cessna 180. Multiple camera angles help pilots visualize every maneuver from start to finish, and 3D animations explore key topics like ground loops and P-factor.

This comprehensive course covers both the theory and practice of flying tailwheel airplanes. It begins with a look at the airplanes and their systems, then breaks down the physics of taildraggers, including stability, inertia, left-turning tendencies, and why ground loops happen. Next comes a look at tailwheel preflight inspections, taxiing techniques, and all the varieties of tailwheel takeoffs. And of course there’s a detailed examination of landings, including three point and wheel, plus Patty’s helpful three-step method.

Sporty’s Tailwheel Checkout Course covers more than just the basics. In the advanced tailwheel section, pilots learn about slips, how to use flaps, common mistakes during soft field landings, and even a few bush pilot techniques demonstrated in the wilderness of Alaska. Special “what if?” sections teach how to react when things go wrong, and are packed with real world advice. The course also includes a review quiz, certificate of completion, and a valuable reference library.

Like all Sporty’s courses, Tailwheel Checkout Course works on a wide variety of devices, including online, iOS devices, Android, smart TVs, and even Apple CarPlay. Access to all platforms is included, and progress automatically syncs between devices.

Sporty’s Tailwheel Checkout Course includes free lifetime updates and is available for an introductory price of $99.99. Visit


Eric Radtke