12 Tips for a Smooth CFI Renewal Experience

Unlike our pilot certificates which expire when we do, our flight…

Video: landing the Space Shuttle (HUD view)

The Space Shuttle might seem like a very powerful machine, but for the return leg of its voyage it was nothing more than a glider. In this heart-pounding video, you'll ride along with astronauts as they guide the 165,000 lb. glider to a safe landing. Watch the heads-up display to see the surprisingly high airspeed and sink rate, as they start the flare from 1000 feet. But just like in a Schweizer or a Skyhawk, precise flying leads to a smooth touchdown.

Free aviation zoom and iPhone backgrounds from Sporty’s

No one on your zoom chat wants to stare at your boring office…

How to choose the right David Clark passive headset

David Clark is best known for its line of reliable passive headsets. All of these have a five-year warranty, are TSO’d, and made in the USA. The wide selection of passive headsets has something for almost everyone, but they look pretty much the same and have similar price points. What’s the difference? We'll explain.

Friday photo: Brady Kannady first solo

The moment: First solo The pilot: Brady Kannady The place:…
First solo

Share #MyPilotProject with us

We all have our own personal pilot projects, goals we are working towards in our flying careers. Maybe it's something momentous like a first solo or a checkride, or maybe it's something simple like a new airport to visit or a long cross-country to plan. At Sporty's, we want to celebrate the pilot projects in the aviation community. Here's how.
ATC controller

VFR Flight Following – a pilot’s guide

If “flight following” is a new term, don’t worry, you’re…

Video: a day in the life of a Caribbean skydive pilot

There are almost as many aviation jobs as there are pilots. In this video, you'll see a typical day in the life of a pilot flying a Cessna 206, carrying skydivers over beautiful Saint Martin. It's definitely not the typical point A to point B flight, but it's still a lot of fun. Just remember the door is off.

FAA From the Flight Deck Video Series

FAA's From the Flight Deck video series provides pilots with…

Friday photo: danger lurking behind the clouds

The moment: danger lurking behind the clouds The place: Near…