Video: landing a Cessna at Chicago O’Hare

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Chicago O’Hare Airport is not usually the place to find a single engine Cessna, but landing there is exactly what these two pilots set out to do. Ride along for a scenic tour of Chicago at night, then watch the Cessna fit into the onslaught of airline traffic and land at the 6th busiest airport in the world. Challenging? For sure. Fun? Absolutely.

Video courtesy of Aviation101.

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  1. William C O'Neill says:

    Very cool! I got to fly jump-seat on a NWA 747 in the late 70’s. Other than that….it’s the only time I’ve been front and center going into O’Hare. Flew into Midway a ton of times….not anywhere near as intense as O’Hare though! Good job! Great video!

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