Ask a CFI: what’s one tip to make better landings (video)

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Welcome to our latest video series – Ask A Sporty’s CFI. We’ll be talking to the 25 flight instructors we have on staff at Sporty’s to get their tips for safer and smoother flying. First up is Bret Koebbe, an ATP and CFII, who shares his tips for making consistently smooth landings. How do you know if you’re on glide path? How do you choose an aiming point? Bret has answers.

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  1. Rick says:

    So many students have not been taught properly, if at all, to look towards the end of the runway when they are about 10 ft above the landing surface. It’s nearly impossible to properly judge when to flair and how much to flair if one keeps looking at the runway surface. Just because a CFI is a good pilot does not make them a good teacher. Ask around and find a CFI who knows how to teach. That’s the best way to improve your landings.

  2. Mac says:

    Excellent point. Had one CFII whose goal it seemed was to impress me with his own skill, rather than help me develop my own. Didn’t take long for me to look elsewhere.

    Tip for instructors: Take pride in helping students progress in their understanding and application of experiences… not in your own accomplishments. The students are already impressed with you, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked you to instruct them.

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