Video: what is a bush pilot?

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What’s it like to be a bush pilot? It means flying for days and never seeing an airport, and sometimes being the first person to ever land at a location. In this incredible video, you’ll meet some bush pilots in Alaska and see the beautiful places they fly. The real joy of this type of flying is the total freedom.

Video from Breedof Speed.

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  1. Greg Fish says:

    Clownish looking tires on an old hunk of junk wood and fabric piece of crap! Flying Wild Alaska has real planes and real pilots were 99.9% of the airplanes have nose wheels! Don’t be fooled by theses yahoos!

    • Stephen Fish says:

      I flew B-52s almost 5000 hours. Real airplane (aluminum overcast)!

      Steve Fish (funny name, huh?)

  2. Dagfinn Braathen says:

    Hey Greg,
    I do not know where you are coming from, presenting such a foolish statement.
    I have been a “real” pilot since 1979, logged 24.000h+. About 3.500 in Alaska in different operations.
    Just wanted to tell you where I am coming from, when I can say that you have little respect nor insight about what is involve in the taildragger “fabric” world of aviation.
    Happy flying wherever the nose wheel limits you to go.

    • TB says:

      Greg “Fish” is actually fishing for responses. He is an instigator, or agitator, not actually interested in the subject or content, but rather looking to rile people up. His comments are too idiotic and sophomoric to be real. It’s kind of a pathetic way to spend your life, surfing the internet and trying to cause grief.

  3. Greg Fish says:

    I am leaving in my plane to check on my property in Alaska. I hope its still there when the Tsunami hits. Wish me luck!

  4. Greg Fish says:

    To Dagfinn Brathen & TB, I am reminded of my dad saying this to me a long time ago: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Both of you made personal attacks on me! All I did was discuss metal airplanes with nose wheels and wood and fabric airplanes with tail wheels. And you both took it to the next level. You personally attacked me. There are plenty of all metal airplanes with nose wheels that out perform wood and fabric tailwheel airplanes, like the Zenith CH-701 & 750, and the Katmai Kenai. But you don’t want to hear that. You just want to shout me down and make personal attacks. Shame on you.

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