What is the First Flight Lesson Program? 

As the name says, it is an opportunity to experience your first flight lesson with a qualified instructor. The lessons are provided by local flight schools and instructors and paid for by EAA.


How do I qualify? 

To be eligible for the free First Flight Lesson program you must have flown as a Young Eagle, complete the first three volumes (solo) of Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course and be at least 13 years old.


OK, so I qualify, now what? 

EAA will send you an e-mail that will include a form for your parents to sign. Return the form and we will provide you with a Flight Lesson voucher and detailed instructions on how to redeem it.


How do I find a flight school?

From YoungEagles.org/lesson, click on the Flight School Database link. Flight schools are sorted by state and listed according to zip code. You can also use Google to search for flight schools in your area.


Who do I contact if I have lost my voucher certificate? 

Contact Brian O’Lena at [email protected]


The school I contacted said they are not familiar with the program.

Please ask the flight school to visit YoungEagles.org/school for a complete description of the program and information on how they can participate.


What can I expect from my Introductory Flight Lesson? 

Click Here to view a video of a typical Introductory Flight Lesson.


Is there an age requirement for my First Flight Lesson? 

Yes, you must be between the ages of 13 and 19 to participate.


Can I give my voucher certificate to someone else? 
No, the voucher is only valid for the Young Eagle listed on the voucher certificate.


What should I do after my flight lesson? 
You are encouraged to sign up for more flight lessons and complete the remainder of your Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.

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