The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) commissioned “The Flight Training Experience” research as the first step in making the pilot training experience fun and customer-centric and therefore, a good value.  A key finding in this first-of-its-kind research effort was that students are often unaware of their own progress toward their pilot training goals.  Potential implications being that students feel they aren’t progressing or are being taken advantage of and the general feeling of disorganization and lack of commitment by the flight training provider.  The good news being that the research also showed that a well-organized flight training syllabus can prevent all of these negative feelings and significantly enhance the training experience.

9805The research was conclusive when it comes to a flight training syllabus. In fact, when participants were asked which issue was most important, they ranked having access to a good syllabus ahead of even cost. This is quite understandable when you consider that the flight training syllabus is the road map for success.  It lays out a clear pathway for completion and at any given time, provides a snapshot of where you’ve been and where you’re going, along with the guidance to be successful.  It also provides accountability and transparency for both you the student, and your instructor.

Sporty’s provides its syllabus, a key success driver, as part of its complete Learn to Fly Course and also as a free PDF download at  Think of the syllabus as a bridge between your at-home study and that which you will accomplish with your instructor.  It’s also a standardization and quality-control guide for times when you may fly with a substitute instructor or be faced with an instructor change.

syllabus lessonSporty’s Syllabus is the direct connection between your video training and the in-airplane training with your flight instructor.  It’s a step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson guide to completing your flight training in a logical, structured manner.  Following the training curriculum will ensure all necessary training requirements are met as required by the FAA .  Ground lessons can be integrated with the flight lessons using the Time Allocation Table as a guide. There is also space for evaluation by your flight instructor to document your proficiency in each task so that the Training Course Outline can serve as your permanent training record – further enhancing the pilot training experience and value.

Each lesson within the Training Course Outline is indexed to Sporty’s video training. A “required study” section provides the exact volumes and segments to be reviewed for each lesson. This format also allows you to properly prepare in advance for the time spent with your flight instructor and allows that time to be spent more efficiently.

The outline is FAA approved and in use in both Part 141 and Part 61 flight schools, including Sporty’s Academy. It includes objectives, completion standards, and required study items for each lesson. The Syllabus will provide a standardized method of delivery and ensure all training requirements are met.

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  1. Carlos Alfredo Garcia-Russi says:

    Hello amigos, I teach Spanish at Bergen Community College in New Jersey and every semester our students expect the course Syllabus. This (Syllabus) actually is a “contract” between the instructor and the student. The students knows exactly what hey are going to get during the semester and their requirements; meanwhile, Instructors, need to follow it up step by step making sure, your students are “really” learning.

    Carlos Alfredo
    Dreaming o be a PILOT some day

  2. John B Slate says:

    I teach for Aviation Seminars and over the last 8-10 years I hear the same problem over and over from students.
    The Aviation Instructor Handbook, chapter7 states that instructors need to teach with organized program. It refers to instructors need to teach with a syllabus or organized system.
    My students tell me their flight instructor does things over and over and they were never given any kind of outline and they just keep spending money.
    Is there an Far that directly addresses this for part 61 & 141 like the Aviation Instructor Handbook does.
    I have taught for many years at the college and university level teaching aviation, air traffic and regulations.
    Could you give me your opinion.
    Thank you
    John Slate
    FASTeam Service provider

  3. Victoria Addington says:

    It was fascinating to know that we should choose a school with a well-organized flight training syllabus. My friend wants to want to be a pilot. I should advise him to enroll in a school with high success in flight training.


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