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Flight Training Frustrations

We’ve all been there – you feel like the harder you practice to get it right and the more repetition involved, you still plateau, or worse, you regress. Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it but keep spinning your wheels.

Wake turbulence avoidance

When pilots think about wake turbulence avoidance procedures, they tend to focus on very large jet aircraft like a fully loaded 747 or large Airbus; however, when you are flying a Cessna 172 or Cherokee, “large” aircraft come in many sizes smaller than a 747. Those larger aircraft still represent an issue to smaller training aircraft like the ones you are flying.

Video tip: explore the differences in airplane cockpits

While the good ol’ Cessna 172 is still the most popular training airplane used by flight schools today, there are hundreds of other aircraft types that are also well-suited for flight training. This week’s tip takes a look at some of the variations you’ll find in these airplanes, including engine controls, switches, flight controls and flight instruments.