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Sporty’s offering free ebook: A Comprehensive Guide to Private Pilot Training

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Sporty’s instructors share valuable tips and insight

Filled with honest advice from Sporty’s team of flight instructors, Learn to Fly: A Comprehensive Guide to Private Pilot Training is the aspiring pilot’s introduction to the fascinating world of aviation and a step-by-step guide to the flight training process. From finding a flight school to dealing with training setbacks to acing an airline interview, readers will learn detailed tips for success.

Learn to Fly is an essential reference for pilot training, whether learning to fly for fun or to launch a career. Written with clarity and expertise, and loaded with color graphics and helpful checklists, this comprehensive guide also includes dozens of helpful links to expand the reader’s knowledge online.

Read a sample from Sporty’s Learn to Fly book here.

Learn to Fly also explores the personal growth and transformation that accompany the pursuit of flight. Readers will experience the support and camaraderie forged among fellow aviators, the thrill of overcoming self-doubt, and the profound sense of accomplishment that comes with earning a pilot’s license.

Learn to Fly: A Comprehensive Guide to Private Pilot Training is free in a convenient digital (ebook) format. Get your copy now by signing up at or through Sporty’s Pilot Training app which is a free download for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android devices.

Prefer a hard copy? The book is available in paperback for just $4.99 at or call 1-800-SPORTYS.

Eric Radtke