Top posts from 2023 at Flight Training Central

Flight Training Central published more than 200 content pieces in 2023 and hosted several monthly themes throughout the year including IFR month in February and Learn to Fly month in May.

2023 in Review: Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses

2023 was the biggest year yet for Sporty's Pilot Training Courses, which included numerous video, test prep, interactive scenario and technology updates. Here's a recap of all the new features.

Video Tip: Why do airplanes want to turn to the left?

Airplanes always seem to want to turn left, especially in a climb. But why does this happen? In this three-minute video tip, we dive into the physics in a way that makes sense for pilots. 3D animations and in-flight video show the effects of P-factor, gyroscopic precession and spiraling slipstream.

Sporty’s releases new written test questions

Sporty's recently released new written test questions in its 2024 Learn to Fly Course test preparation module.

Video tip: how to calculate weight and balance

Take the time to compute the total weight of the airplane and center of gravity (CG) before every flight, based on the number of occupants, baggage and fuel and where each item is positioned in the airplane. This week's tip takes a look at how to compute a typical weight and balance calculation and how to verify the results are within limits.
ATC controller

Details matter in ATC clearances

When reading back your clearance, don’t leave out pertinent details – Students often look for ways to shorten their read back to ATC.  Although there is nothing wrong with this practice, early student mistakes are normally made when they omit key details.

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Are you fit for flight?

“Are You Fit for Flight?” discusses the importance of checking in with yourself before each flight to make sure you are nourished, hydrated, rested, and emotionally fit to fly.

How airplane engine turbocharging systems work

Many high-performance airplanes take advantage of turbocharged engines, which allow for cruise operations at higher altitudes into the flight levels. This video shows how these systems work, including the compressor and turbine components, intercooler, wastegate, and engine flight instruments.

Pilots can help shape the future of weather products by completing this survey

Pilots can play an active role in shaping the future of weather products provided by the FAA by participating in this weather survey.